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Similarities between Idols and Images found inside worship- places in Mexico with their counterparts in India:

1. Annapurna-Image of Mata Annapurneshwari with a ladle for serving food & other hand in Abhaya mudra(blessing posture.)

2. Annapurna-A striking resemblance with image 1. is found in Diego-rivera's in Mexico with the goddess seated on a tiger.

3. Coatlicue-A Mexicon idol resembling an Indian God with both the hands in Abhaya mudra (blessing posture.)

4. Stele-at-copan-An idol found in Mexico with striking features resembling those of Lord Vishnu.

5. Juan-Diego-A painting from Mexico of a famous saint who worshipped the divine Mother.

6. Our Lady Of Guadalupe- An enlarged version of the previous image.
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