Modern Bharat

The appropriate period , to get acquainted with the happenings in Modern Bharat starts from late 17th and early 18th century till India achieved freedom from British rule in 1947.

Truly, it is a period of consolidation with various forces at work when, 'Bharat' as a nation , got consolidated . During this era , the country witnessed sizable progress in terms of infrastructural development , political awakening, inculcation of democratic values and finally independence from the British rule

During the years 1710 till the latter half of the nineteenth century the Peshwa rule was dominant, not only in the western part but also till the northern frontiers of India . The ' throne ' of Mughals at Delhi , was literally narrowed down to be a mere puppet in the hands of Marathas . It was the catastrophic event of third Panipat Battle which changed this scene .

The British, posing initially as traders , slowly took the advantage of the situation and came to power , in these times .The 1st ever national war of independence was fought with them in 1857 . Both sides displayed brutality to an extent, which was not true to the Indian tradition .

After the victory of British forces in 1857, East India Company could no longer rule such a giant

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territory and powers were passed to the British government .After few years of consolidation , the British rule got stabilized in India . The railway , organized postal service and many other developments took place as a result .Also on the negative side , the country suffered maximum exploitation of its natural resources , by the British. Tribals in India were, denied the rightful ownership of forest covered land , and the forests were declared as a government property .

On the political front , with participation of several leaders, the Indian National Congress was born. Ultimately, from a ' petitioning ' organisation it became a pivotal body , in India's struggle for freedom. So also along with their non violent means, there were alternative currents in freedom struggle , which also largely contributed in ousting out the British rule.

Emergence of worlds one of the greatest enlightened personality was witnessed by this era . Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi -Mahatma Gandhi as he is known , dimension to it , with his Gandhian thought .

In these days , a lot of catharsis and brain storming , in an introspective way gave rise to a reform movement , along with certain sects of modern Indian philosophy and thought. With many of the forces acting on the governance, the British had to bow down to the demands of millions of Indians , and the dawn of independence could arise,on 15th August 1947.


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