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The Last Atlantis Book You'll Ever Have To Read!

January 2, 2001 -TEMPE, AZ . . . Gene D. Matlock claims to have written the definitive book about the location of the "lost continent" of Atlantis, and Dandelion Books will publish it in the spring of 2001. According to Matlock, who is a linguist, historian, archaeologist and educator, the secret surrounding the location of Atlantis -- and thus, proof that it really existed -- can be traced back to the "forbidden letter 'A.'"

Says Matlock in the Introduction to his book, The Last Atlantis Book You'll Ever Have to Read!: "When I was a young college student in Mexico, I took a course in linguistics. This course and my experiences in studying Spanish,
Portuguese, Malay, and Nahuatl, taught me that a word is much more than a combination of strange sounds.

Each one tells the history of the people who use it. Only Mexico is named Atlan; Itlan; Otlan; Tlan; Tollan, etc. No other nation on earth can make that claim! This being the case, and every nation on earth being what it is, Atlantis is Atlantis! Anyone who can bring himself to see clearly that something is what it is, need look no further for Atlantis. Atlantis is what and where it is: in Mexico!

"Now, I in no way insist that Atlantis was or is exactly described as Plato.He, too, was the victim of several thousand years of brainwashing and collective concepts of mystical Egyptian priests. Without a doubt, the stories handed down to him were confused with other tales, such as those of Thera and Crete. "We must never forget that "Atlantis" is a compound word:

"A-tala-n-tis,"The important thing to consider about whether Mexico is or is not Atlantis is that the root Tlan/Talan means 'Surface People' in Sanskrit, Greek, and Nahuatl. That root is the real name of Atlantis.

"During all these millenniums people have not wanted to use the 'A' word.They like to say that Atlantis really was Santorini, Crete, Indonesia, the North Pole, England, a place in Outer Space, or just a mystical idea. I have
dared to say out loud that 'A' word, even in front of scholars."

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Matlock's book contains a wealth of carefully researched information
supported by photographs of Mexican artifacts and archaeological findings.His story is richly laced with linguistic references to Sanskrit and the strong connection between the early settlers of India and North America:"From the start, I was impressed with the high number of 'Tlan, Atlan,Itlan, etc.' suffixes in Mexican place names.

Also, the ancient Mexicans said that centuries ago, they immigrated to the Americas from a country across the sea, whose name was 'Tollan' or 'Tlan.'

"From my Indic studies, I knew that in Sanskrit, 'Tala' means 'Surface; top of the ground.' By adding an 'N,' I get 'Talan' or 'People who live on top of the ground.' If I added 'Deza, Desa, Tesa or Desha,' I got 'Talandesa' or 'The Surface Nation or Region.' Often, in ancient India, people would just add 'te, de, tes, des,' and the like. Thus, instead of saying 'Talandesa,' I could say, 'Talantes.'

The intermediary 'A's' were pronounced so rapidly that one heard only 'Tlantes.'"
Matlock teaches us that "A" equals "Opposite; not." For example, while
"Brahm" was the "Aryan god," "Abrahm" was "not the Aryan god."

"Still today, in India's schools, professors will fold a world map, sticking a pin through India," says Matlock, "so that the point of the pin comes out in Mesoamerica, on the other side.

They do this to show that the mythical 'world' of 'Atalantes,' or 'Nation of the Underworld' was, in fact, not an infernal region, but the part of the world opposite India: Mesoamerica. Even we Americans call Australia 'The Land Down Under.'

"According to Hindu mythology, their ancient deified heroes such as
Dyaus-Nahusha (Dionysius), Vishnu, Bhima, Shiva (our Jehovah) and others traveled regularly to Atala or Patala (a more derogatory term for the underworld) and back again."

A prolific writer, Matlock is also the author of Jesus and Moses are Buried in India, Birthplace of Abraham and the Hebrew; India Once Ruled the Americas; and Yishvara 2000 - The Hindu Ancestor of Judaism Speaks to This Millennium. He describes himself as a "fanatical lover of travel."

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