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The Eternal Tradition of Hinduism
Contributed by: Dr. David Frawley (2001-09-07)

This article is written by Dr. David Frawley , one of the few Westerners ever recognised in Bharat as a Vedacharya. According to him, Hinduism today is no longer limited to the region of India. There are Hindu minorities in all continents. Of the religions that exists today, Hinduism is most likely to become the religion of the future.

Hindu Sanskaras and Modern Age
Contributed by: Acharya Giriraj Kishore (2001-12-22)

This article describes 16 Sanskars prevalent in Hindu society, though, only four Sanskars, namely, Vivah, Namkaran, Upanayan and Antyeshti are more commonly visible today.Hope this will inspire all .

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