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  • To PROMOTE and reveal the hidden truth of Sanatan Dharma through the aid of modern     technologies.
  • To PRESERVE Vedic culture, traditions and languages.
  • To PROTECT the true glory and power of our sacred Motherland.

    Vandemataram.com is founded by Bharat Gohil and family to create an awareness about our ancient culture and religion within India and throughout the world. Through this awareness, our mission is to PROMOTE Sanatan Dharma, to PRESERVE Vedic culture and to PROTECT the real glory and power of our Motherland. Vandemataram.com is truly a portal for all people of this great sacred land Bharatmata ( The Mother India). .

    On the web, several web sites relate to India, but only few relate to ancient Bharat. There was a definite need for a comprehensive portal showcasing the true glory of our GREAT BHARAT. We believe that India needed an open platform on Indianism in which a digitized Ocean of all of ancient Bharat's wisdom could be made available in an interactive and easily accessible manner.. We feel Vandemataram.com has initiated this process on the auspicious day of November 7th, 2000, the 125th anniversary of our national song VANDEMATARAM that was composed by Shri Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.

    We welcome your contributions to this portal on subjects of studies on Bharatiya philosophies, culture, religion, fine arts, science etc. Enough harm and corruption to history has been done by invaders since the past thousand years.With linguistic facts and archeological proofs, Western as well as Indian historians, scholars, students and authors can now reveal the hidden truth about our sacred country to the curious minds of the Universe through Vandemataram.com.

    This site is for seekers of Truth who are open-minded. There are a few ignorant minds who want us to forget our past and hide the facts from public eyes. They tell us to ignore all proofs and new archeological evidences from scholars and historians and just move on with our life, like the nomad Aryans. After hundreds of years of suffering and slavery, the original inhabitants of Bharatdesh are now free at last, in their own sacred land. The real spirit of Universality is the spirit of Truth . Truth does not bow down to personalities, vested interests or names and forms. The true spirit of tolerance is to promote the Truth, not to compromise with falsehood. Let us all live in peace and harmony as Bharat vasis and learn to seek and respect the Truth regardless of who we are.

    “Love all - Serve all “ - Sai Baba

    Mahatma Gandhi wrote in his book ' Truth is God ', “I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and non-violence are as old as the Hills. ' Sat ' or Truth is perhaps the most important name of God. And where there is Truth, there also is knowledge which is true. Devotion to this truth is the sole justification for our existence. All our activities should be centered in Truth. If you would swim on the bosom of the ocean of Truth, you must reduce yourself to a zero.”

    The basic content in this portal is divided into Ancient, Medieval and Modern Bharat. An extensive birds eye view of several other topics will be added periodically. On any of the topics, one may contribute in his or her area of interest. It’s an open platform for interaction amongst the intelligentsia ,researchers and students across various disciplines. We are sure that such interactions will initiate several spin-off projects further enriching Indianism .

    This is a serious attempt to gather and digitize the information in a most factual, authentic and original manner. To capture the real essence of Bharatiyata, we will launch a multilingual technology that will publish this web site in several Bharatiya regional languages. PRESERVING our national languages, religion, traditions and culture is the greatest gift we must all give to our Bharatmata. After nearly 2500 years of invasions and destructions, she now deserves to be glorified once again. We ask you one question - If you wont speak out, then who will ?

    Let it be an online “University” for Bharat’s diverse religions, sects, traditions, social norms, festivals, worships and celebrations, all of which collectively form the heritage of our country. All these topics will swim in this vast ocean of knowledge Vandemataram.com . Henceforth, all rivers of Bharatiya wisdom will merge and flow in total spiritual harmony ! We hope that this ocean of knowledge will enliven your thirst of Bharatiyata and will forever promote peace in the world !!

    To reveal the Truth about our culture, history and wisdom is what Vandemataram.com portal is all about. Let us all unite under the canopy of VANDEMATARAM and revive the glory of our Bharatmata, the land of Gods and Goddesses ! Satyameva Jayate !

    We invite you to be a part of this growing culture and contribute by giving your valuable ideas and articles to this website.

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    Vandemataram.com logo signifies the sacredness of our Bharatmata through which comes the inspiration and the light of enlightenment for our souls.

    The 24 spoke Dharma Chakra symbolizes the continous 24 hour cycle of Karma and Re-incarnation and righteous living.
    The Blue Line signifies the sacred river Ganga, the symbol of love, nourishment and motherhood.
    The Red Dot signifies the individual Self or the soul.
    The Flame symbolizes the everlasting spirits of all the great souls who came to promote peace, wisdom, truth and tolerance on this sacred land Bharatmata.
    The Tri-colors -- saffron, green and white signify love, tolerance and purity.

    Jai Jai Mataram… Vandemataram

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