Swastik Concept of ZERO AUM  (OM)
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Q. Did U Know What is Hindutva ?

Q. Did U Know why Sanskrit is used for chanting mantras in worship instead of ordinary spoken language?

Q. Do we know that Ancient Indians also excelled in the fine-arts like Music, Dance, Painting, Dramatics and literature.

Q. Did U Know that the Concept of Zero originated in Ancient India?

Q. Do we know that in the field of production they are credited with the manufacture of crystal sugar and the extraction of sandalwood oil ?

Q. What is the significance of Namaste ?

Q. India Was the Founder of Atlantis!

Q. Did U Know that Chess, Snakes and Playing Cards, Polo, the martial arts of Judo and Karate had originated in India ?

Q.In the field of medicine did they develop the herbal system of medication?
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Q. The Department of Education should make Yogasana training a part of school Education. Do you agree?
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