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The VandeMataram.com’s World Information Center primarily serves as a gateway to Information for NRI’s, local citizens, and foreign audiences seeking wealth of knowledge about America, India and other countries.

Here the visitors shall  find books, videos, how-to-information, periodicals, extensive reference resources, and exhibits on world culture, people, entertainment, business, history, government, andtechnology.  

Our aim is to build bridges of understanding between India, United States, and other countries, bridges that will increase each nation's perception of the heritage, customs and culture of the other. 

We hope to bring a custom website with more information soon.

Facts about the USA

FACTS ABOUT THE USA - An overview of the history of the United States with answers and links to frequently asked questions about symbols, statistics and states.

Government and Politics

GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS - An overview of the U.S. government and political system.
Economy and Trade

ECONOMY AND TRADE - Documentation on U.S. trade and economic policies with links to practical information about the business and economic environment in the United States.
Laws and Treaties

MAJOR LAWS AND TREATIES - Full text of international agreements and selected federal legislation and links to interpretive resources and documentation about the U.S. legislative procedures; links to sites for state laws also included.

MEDIA - Overview of the media industry and policy in the U.S.; contains documents detailing communications policies and links to major American print and electronic media.

Information Technology

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY - Overview of telecommunications, e-commerce and intellectual property issues.

Education in the U.S.

EDUCATION IN THE USA - Introduction to the American system of higher education with practical information about study opportunities in the United States.

Civil Rights

CIVIL RIGHTS - Overview of Civil Rights in the United States

Arts and Culture

ARTS AND CULTURE - Guide to the historic and current state of the arts in the U.S.; gateway to traditional and popular culture experienced in America today.

Geography and Travel

GEOGRAPHY AND TRAVEL - Guide to key sites and features of the United States. Includes visa information and destination guides.

In its quest for modernization, India has preserved its ancient civilization and never lost sight of the ideals that gave her strength through countless centuries. Science and technology provide the tools for improving the lot of its poor; but the nation of over 1 billion continues to live with some of its traditions that go back 4,000 years, and more.

In a world where nations, big and small, are breaking into micro entities, often with disastrous consequences, India has demonstrated its inherent resilience. This strength comes from its composite culture that has made India a truly vibrant democracy.

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