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His Holiness (HH) Sri Sat- Guru (Great Master) Dutt Chile Maharaj
of Kolhapur, in the state of Maharashtra, India is a powerful manifestation of divine energy that incarnated itself in the twentieth century. In a very quiet way, H.H. Chile Maharaj ignited the flame of love of God in every section of the society. Simultaneously he inspired those who came to him, to perform Satkarma (pure and good deeds) and lead constructive lives.

I too got the opportunity to see H.H. Chile Maharaj on a few occasions. In 1986 AD, H.H. Chile left his worldly body by his own volition.

From 1994 onwards, by grace of H.H. Chile Maharaj, I started receiving some spiritual messages, if I may call them, during periods of my own introspection and meditation. Around this time, I did Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) , which is a holistic training in meditative techniques . The process of receiving the messages seemed to become more clear hereafter. I started noting them down to the best of my ability. Quite a few of the writings are meditative state re-constructions of some events that have occurred in the life- time of Lord Rama and his wife Sita, Lord Krishna and his consort Radha and other holy incarnations.

As I was feeling totally flabbergasted by this spiritual process, I approached Dr.U.M.Pathan, Vice Chancellor (Retd.), Marathwada University in Nov.1995 and sought his guidance. Dr. Pathan is a renowned scholar of Indian thought. He understood the whole process and encouraged me to keep writing and compiling the messages. Accordingly , more like a humble servant than an author, I continued noting down the thoughts.

Around this time, I also sought blessings of one Sat-guru Thakur Maharaj in Pune. He prophetically said, “The real importance of this Kavya will be manifested to people after you (have ceased to exist).”

In 1998 I received inspiration from H.H. Chile Maharaj to compile the meditative thoughts into a SITA SHAKTI KAVYA as a “Women’s Empowerment Anthology” and present it to devotees and researchers.

In November 1998, a researcher from Canada Ms.Lindy Stewart, doing her ‘term abroad’ at Pune University initiated a survey of Women’s Role Models in Modern India. This survey was followed up by me and it revealed that SITA has a unique position of respect in the hearts of common people. This encouraged me to continue to work on the anthology.

However, I continued to be in a state of indecision, since the anthology was emerging without my conscious control on it. With a sense of doubt then, in January 1999 I approached Dr. Siyaram Tiwari, Prof., Vishwabharati Shanti Niketan ( a University set up by Noble Laureate Ravindranath Tagore) and an authority on the life of Rama and Sita. He heard me out and said that the job of the anthology- writer is to document with purity the expressions of his inner self. It is not for him to judge the anthology by himself. That would be a job for students and scholars.. Encouraged by this, I then proceeded to complete the Sita Shakti Kavya .

Dr. Siyaram Tiwari personally came to Pune for the first presentation of the anthology to the audience in December1999.

“In Sita Shakti Kavya, you have introduced an epoch making perspective ,” said Dr. Siyaram Tiwari, while offering his critical commentary .

Meanwhile Pandit Uday Deshpande ,a God-loving composer of Pune, composed selected poems of the “Sita Shakti Kavya” into soulful music.

Mr. Ravindra Sathe, a renowned vocalist was among the singers.
“ I feel that this Kavya (Anthology) is pristine , and it has given me considerable satisfaction to sing the same,” said Mr. Ravindra Sathe.


Dr.Avanish Thanawala kindly performed the first Granth-Puja (offering of the book ) in July 2000.

SITA SHAKTI KAVYA in book form in Hindi was released on 24th July 2000 at the auspicious hands of Vidyavachaspati Dr.Umashankar Upadhyaya, Head of Hindi Department, Pune University.

“ I am happy to associate with this Kavya (Anthology) as it takes a hitherto untouched perspective of the life of SITA.
I hope this Kavya will one day be accepted as a Lok-Kavya (People’s Poetry), “ said Dr.Upadhyaya.

Mrs. Shantabai Shelke, a reputed poetess of Maharashtra, released the musical cassettes of SITA SHAKTI KAVYA .

I made a multi-media presentation of the Anthology alongwith Pandit Uday Deshpande and his students , on this occasion.

“ For the first time in my life , I have had the chance to see a unique multi-media presentation of a new poetry and song publication.

This Kavya is a unique effort to portray SITA as an empowered mother and specially bring forth the valuable Sanskar (value-system) she imparted to her twin children Lav and Kush,” said Mrs. Shantabai Shelke.

Brig.P.V.Gole (Retd.), AVSM , Chairman ,Development Education (International) Society introduced me and the Kavya in the most heart warming manner.

In November 2000, a dance ballet form of the SITA SHAKTI KAVYA was presented in Pune to an international audience from Netherlands, USA, New Zealand and India.

Mr.Deepak Muzumdar, a famous exponent of Bharatnatyam dance in India was the chief guest. Mr.Deepak critically appreciated the ballet and said,

“I hope SITA SHAKTI KAVYA will one day find a much bigger platform.”

This English version of SITA SHAKTI KAVYA is an abridged version of the original in Hindi, to give our brothers and sisters from the WORLD COMMUNITY a glimpse and perception of this work . The first copy of this was presented to Fr. George Hess of Xavier Institute of management, Bhubaneshwar for seeking his guidance.

Now, through this presentation, may all,the young and the old , find inspiration from this SITA SHAKTI KAVYA , a Women’s Empowerment Anthology.

Om Shantih (peace) , Shantih, Shantih

Humble Author:
Pradeep Wagh
Development Education (International) Society
Prabhat House, Damle Path
56/20A, Law College Road, PUNE 411 004 India
Tel/Fax +91 20 5439101

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