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  Chapter 9 : The love of the Lord.

Lav and Kush see fledglings of birds. These fledglings’ eyes were yet to open. Yet their mother fed them food with affection.

“ Do the fledglings even know how much their mother loves them? “, ask Lav and Kush. SITA takes this opportunity to introduce Lav and Kush to the concept of love of God.

|| Lord’s Love ||


The fledglings have their eyes closed,
Yet their parents feed them undeterred,
The infant too does not know Mother’s love,
Until it grows in age and intellect

So also, the fact that you are loved
By the good Lord,
Can be understood
Only through devotion and wisdom.

|| Love For God ||

Lav and Kush:

Oh! Mother,
Can “Love” for God be of different forms?


Some may love Him like a consort,
Some like a brother,
Some may love Him like a kin,
Some like father-mother,

In whatever form you love Him,
He is sure to steal your heart
Oh devotee, love for God
Can take various forms.

|| Unified Form ||


When the devotee remembers God,
The incarnation of the Lord blossoms in him.

Like milk and water when mixed,
Become inseparably unified.

So also let no other form but that of Lord,
Remain in your body and mind

||True Form of the Lord ||

Lav and Kush:

Today I have come to know
The true form of my Lord,
Indeed! He is the darling
Of my heart.

The young river gushes forth noisily,
The winds in the heart blow uncontrolled,
But when they reach their Ocean of Love
They became placid and emotionally unified.


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