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  Chapter 24 :  Union of Rama with His children Lav and Kush

Towards the end of the anthology, the episode of Lav and Kush unknowingly catching a sacred horse (of their father ), called “Ashwamegh Yagnya horse” is narrated. Wherever the sacred horse goes, the people of the land have to accept the King Rama as their emperor. If they do not do so ,then they have to fight the mighty army of the king.

Lav and Kush fight a battle with the army of Rama . But as they are children of the Lord himself, every blow of their weapon on the soldiers, instead of killing them, sends them into a meditative trance called “samadhi”.

Laxmana, the brother of Rama, recognises that these twin children are none other than Lord Rama’s children from SITA. Laxmana painfully remembers that RAMA had sent away SITA into the forests , just based on doubts of some common citizens. But , how to tell this bitter-sweet truth to Rama , is the question that rattles Laxmana.

Then Laxmana thinks of a plan .Laxmana invites Rama to the battlefield, saying that since the children have defeated the army, Lord Rama should not fight a battle with the children , but instead challenge the children with Brahma-Gnyan ie. spiritual knowledge of the creator , the soul etc. , in the hope that,once the children are rendered answer-less, they will fall at the feet of their father. Meanwhile the citizens of Ayodhya have got a scent of the events and they turn up in large numbers to see the unfolding drama.

Finally Lord Rama himself comes to the battlefield. He is overcome with affection on seeing the brave children and has no desire to fight them. The children too, when they point their arrows at the heart of Rama, surprisingly see the image of their own mother SITA in His heart. Awestruck, their weapons fall to the ground!!

Keeping a deliberate control on his choking voice, Rama then asks questions of Brahma-Gnyan to Lav and Kush. But Lav and Kush , being well groomed by their mother, SITA , answer every question flawlessly and render their father himself speechless.

|| Lord’s Eye ||

Lord RAMA:

Oh! bright children tell me, pray ,
How can one perceive the Lord’s Eye?

Lav and Kush:
With your physical eye,
You see the world in a certain way
With the inner eye
You should perceive its deeper display

There are lakes, mountains and trees,
There are millions of life-species,
But the good Lord oversees them all,
With an eye of Love and sympathy.

|| Passage of the SOUL ||

Lord RAMA :

Oh! illustrious children, tell us all,
What is passage of the soul?
Lav and Kush:
I have travelled across
Over eight million species,
And seen the mystical Universe.
In many a strange bodily forms
I have been born in my traverse.

Sometimes as bird, sometimes as elephant,
Sometimes visible or even invisible.
In many a varied species.
But I became self-realised
Only after the Dharma (duty)
Of that life I fully personified.

Underwater, on the ground ,
in the boundless azure skies,
I listened carefully for
the primordial sound OM,
On listening to the Anahat (beyond sensory limits)
divine vibrations
I offered myself unconditionally
to the love of God
In my passage of the soul.

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