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  Chapter 21 : Putra-Pautri Sukhaya Yagnya

Even though SITA is very busy in the upbringing of her children, she keeps pining in her heart for her husband Lord Rama. Once, late into the night, after the Children are asleep, SITA sings a deeply moving song, pining for her Lord. Her cry is so intense, that Lord Rama has to appear in His astral form to meet her.

On realising SITA’s unspoken complaint that He has not cared for His children, Rama apologises and says that in this incarnation of His, there were other characteristic virtues that were to be brought forth to mankind by Him.However to atone for His shortfall, he gives verses of how the youth should be encouraged in life to be enterprising.

|| Social Encouragement
...for Entrepreneurship Development ||

Lord RAMA:

Elders, parents, guardians, teachers,
You can be society’s protectors.
When the youth makes positive efforts,
Encourage them to try better.

When a girl or boy is born,
God with several gifts will shower,
Seek these out and nurture them,
So that they will further flower.

To some He gives art and craft,
Intellect or strength to some,
Storehouse of virtues divine,
Is His boon to everyone.

When children leave the beaten track,
And do other works auspicious,
Recognise these as footprints,
Of a future enterprise.

Always encourage the child to have an aim,
To always work with committed efforts,
To have confidence in oneself,
And achieve glorious heights.

Spiritualism and industriousness,
Where they dwell in harmony,
There will blossom enterprise,
In progressively good forms many.

|| Yagnya Mantra ||

( Chant to the Holy Fire )

SITA and Rama then together perform the holy Yagnya (worship of fire) for Peace and Happiness of Lav, Kush and all children.

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