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  Chapter 18 : Destroying Arrogance


Friends, acquaintances and elders Give us good education,Then why is a Sat-Guru required And how to recognise Him?

|| Sat-Guru (Great Master)||


One who craves not an iota of wealth,
Or even a petal of flower.
One who is not infatuated
By any man, woman or power.

One who only immerses himself or herself
In alleviation of human miseries of the world.
One who shows the path of Truth
And guides you to the love of Lord.

Oh! Devotee, salute such a person
And touch his or her feet reverentially forever,
For indeed he or she is
The ‘Sat-Guru’, the Great Master.

|| Love for devotee ||


The Sat-Guru loves his disciple;
As a cow loves it’s calf selflessly.
Oh! Devotee know this for sure,
But be dedicated to your duty.

When you stand, sit, walk or roam,
Laugh, speak, arise or sleep
Who regulates your breath,
Can you perceive?

It is God indeed, God indeed,
He loves all beings,
Be they of human,
Animal, bird or plant species.

|| Great Master as Sat-Guru Maooli ||


One who loves you but remains as a shadow,
‘ How will my flock progress spiritually? ‘
Is the only concern he has in mind forever,
He indeed is a “Sat~Guru Maooli”

He gives you a boat of guiding words which
Will serve Mankind for ages very valuably,
His heart is both of father and mother
He indeed is a Sat~Guru Maooli.

Footnote: 1. Sat~Guru: Great Spiritual Master
2. Maooli: In Marathi language it means,’ a person who is like a father and mother at heart.’

|| Sat-Guru`s Words ||


As a child, did you not yearn
For the love of your mother?
So also,the Atman (soul)
Is attracted by Parmatman (God)
In a way somewhat similar

When a youth is adolescent
A storm rages in his heart,
Do not people wisened
Advise and help him out?

On the path of spiritual development,
When my steps falter and sway
Helps me find my way.

|| World Family ||


The tree bears on its head
The heat of the Sun,
But it gives a cool shade
To the passing caravan.

One who says in this way,
The world is my family,
He must bear difficulties
To bring in harmony.

|| Audience with The Great Master ||

Lav and Kush:

Will I get an audience,
With the Great Master?
This thought worries me
How will the difficult road,
To his abode be traversed?


Indeed, by bearing the flag
Of goodwill for all,
While remembering to fulfill one’s duty,
And at the same time,
Not having attachment that is illusory.


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