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  Chapter 15 : Trigunas (Three virtues)

This chapter is a dramatic event of how Lord Shiva appears, disguised as a sage, at the hermitage of SITA. Actually, He just wants to see the growing children of SITA and bless them.

Lav and Kush, in their playful age ( less than five years), try to play pranks with the sage. They try to snatch His bag, but the sage does not allow them to do so as He says that it is full of His secret ornaments.

Then the Children ask Him to give His TRISHUL (trident). The sage takes the opportunity to tell the Children that the trident represents the three important virtues of life Viz. Shakti (Energy), Bhakti (Devotion) and Mukti (Salvation).

Shiva :

The goddess LAXMI personifies Shakti (Energy),
She enlivens all in the form of Pranic (spiritual) energy,
She inspires truthful thoughts and deeds,
Dutifulness is her dear synergy,

Shakti gives auspicious inspirations,
Human development works get done with ease,
Oh! Children take this virtue of Shakti
Enshrine it in a pure mind please!

Second virtue is that of Mukti (Salvation)
Mother SITA personifies it,
She relinquishes anger and arrogance,
A loving voice is her delight,

She is indeed full of justice,
Seeker she’s of knowledge good,
Not enticed by momentary greed,
She’s ever truthful to her Lord.

She is the pinnacle of faithfulness,
She is the darling of Lord’s heart,
Oh! Children take this virtue of Mukti,
Enshrine it with the Shakti part.

Third virtue is Bhakti (Devotion)
will personify in future,
She wants to only unify
With the super consciousness forever.

This virtue is of pure love,
Traditions do not bind it down,
But practice of divine virtues,
Its beautiful forms do adorn.

Bhakti restrains sensuality, anger
And discards avarice,
It resides in a pure heart,
And meditates on God’s praise.

Oh! Children take this virtue of Bhakti
Enshrine it in body and mind,
Essence of life is attaining God,
Virtue of Bhakti tells this so kind.

Shakti, Bhakti and Mukti,
Those who imbibe virtues in heart,
Externally be they man or woman,
They’ll be freed from mortal lot.

Towards the end of this episode, Lav and Kush, full of mischief, still try to snatch the bag of secret ornaments from the sage. The sage shows false anger, but when the children persist, He suddenly pulls out a dangerous cobra from His bag and ties it round His neck. SITA, who is standing inside her hermitage and observing the event from a distance, instantly recognises that this sage is none other than Lord Shiva, the Lord of the Himalayas, as Lord Shiva always wears the cobra as His ornament. The children, scared out of their wits by the hissing cobra, now run for shelter to their mother.
Lord Shiva then dances His famous ‘Tandava’ dance. Even ghosts and animals of the forest seem to join the divine dance. Eventually, having blessed the children of SITA, Lord Shiva vanishes into the forests.


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