We all love to read, listen and tell stories. Right from children to teenagers and parents to grandparents, everyone can enjoy and learn from stories.Here, we bring you a variety of tales. We also invite you to
Write Stories
of your own in the following categories

Let us learn from the lives of great people of India and the World. We can grow in courage and protect our country.

There are several Indian mythological stories from which we can learn useful lessons.

Here we have true stories from the lives of the great as well as the ordinary people.

The wisdom of Indian sages is eternal. One more characteristic of India is to even absorb and learn from the wise people of other cultures and philosophies.

They are limited to about 100 words. They may be real or imaginary having a lesson in the end

These are amusing, short and clean.

Stories of devastating calamities (real or fictitious) which invoke the positive emotions like sympathy and care from the readers.
This is the humorous part of our life. We want to include comic-strips as well as cartoons on modern life, as also fables of the past.
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