India is a land of poems and songs. We bring you the following varities.

PATRIOTIC : These invoke the feelings of love and concern for our Motherland.

VEDIC CHANTS : The eternal knowledge and the philosophy of life is reflected in these chants which are based on the ancient Vedas.
CHILDREN'S : These poems invoke the real greatness stored within the small bodies of children. They are meant for and on children.
MYSTIC : A mystic poet tries to express the inexpressible into words. The mystic poem will take you to the subtle aspect of nature and of the spirit.
PRAYERS :They give peace to the mind and strength to the soul.

HUMOUR : Even a few lines of humours poetry can lift your moods. Here, we are including Limericks also, which are humours or nonsensical verses of five lines usally with a rhyme scheme.

GHAZALS : These are songs on the beauty and philosophy of life.
CLASSIC COLLECTIONS : These are poetry written by some selected famous Indian poets.
GENERAL : Any poem which dosen't fit into any of the above category will be put into General category.
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