Sanskritik Gaurav Sansthan

Institute for Cultural Rejuvenation

A new organization called "Sanskritik Gaurav Sansthan" has been formed at Delhi under the leadership of Mr. Bharatendu Prakash Singhal and Dr. Siva Subrahmanya. Of the two promoters, Mr. B. P. Singhal is a retired Police Officer at the level of Director General in UP. He is on the faculty of several Institutions and is Rajya Sabha member. Dr. Siva, fondly called Shivaji is a former NRI degree holder in many disciplines. He has spent nearly 35 years in the U.S. and was decorated with "Meritorious Service Award, Medal of Merit" from the U. S. Army. He is from Karnataka.

The aims of the organization are to focus attention on article 51A of the constitution which defines the duties of Indian Citizens. The politicians naturally were averse to any discussion of the article. The country is not even aware of its existence. The Key elements are: To protect the Sovereignty, Unity and Integrity of India and To value and preserve the rich national heritage.

The first step is to collect data relevant to issues of national importance in various fields of activities such as economics, culture, politics, civics, demography, religion, counter-disinformation and to distribute these data in easily digestible form with recommendations for action to the decision makers of the country like the legislators, the bureaucrats, the military and police functionaries. To keep the public at large well informed on national issues through various forums. To alert the public to dangers that lurk in unexpected corners.

The Sansthan proposes to establish 32 data centers all over the country
connected by LAN intranet and internet. Of these nearly all are close to operational readiness. These are at Pathankot, Amritsar, Shimla, Chandigarh, Delhi(5 centers), Prayag, Kathmandu, Muzzafarpur, Patna, Ranchi, Calcutta, Guwahati, Agartala, Bhubaneshwar, Cuttack, Raipur, Jabalpur, Bhopal, Ujjain, Bangalore, Bhagyanagar( Hyderabad), Vijayawada, Chennai, Ernakulam, Jammu, Indore, Panji, Karnavati(Ahmedabad) and Pune.

The two promoters are on a countrywide tour. They visited Pune on 27, October 1998 and spoke on the "Grass roots realities" at three venues, including an international college, The Symbiosis Institute. Both Mr. Singhal and Shivaji spoke. Mr. Singhal covered the general aspects of information and dis-information whilst Shivaji focused attention on particular issues in the North east, and North.There are 42,000 websites on the internet dedicated to denigrate India and Hinduism. A truly stupendous effort but in the wrong direction. Hindus on the other hand believe in constructive action.

Mr. Singhal said deliberate efforts are made to blow up local issues and give a religious color to them. He spoke of the incident of 4 nuns being raped in Madhya Pradesh. It was immediately concluded that the VHP was behind the incident and a war of words started. The Bishop of Delhi met the Home Minister and appealed to all the citizens to look at the minorities issues in a non-partisan way. He called for a condemnation of the incident. Christians had arranged protest meetings in all the cities. There was a systematic exploitation of the issue on sectarian lines. Even the Madhya Pradesh Government which is run by the Indian National Congress was called a BJP Government. The country's leftists and the Congress saw saffronization everywhere. There was unabashed politicization of the issue without any serious thought to find out the truth.

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Now the Truth has been found out..

The Police have since solved the crime. They found that a gang of 24 persons were involved and of them 12 were Christians and the rest were the Bhil tribals. Nine persons are absconding while the rest had been arrested. The Home Minister, L. K. Advani, had since advocated death penalty for rape.With a BJP Government in office the tendency had been to politicize every issue, major and minor and give it a religious hue.

Mr. Shiva dealt with the serious situation in the Northeast. He said the country is not aware of the seriousness of the situation. In Manipur the rebels have openly declared that they are independent. In Assam a U.S.A. (United States of Assam) had been formed. The present Chief Minister had started with good intentions at a very young age but had found the situation slipping out of his hands rapidly. The illegal Infiltration from Bangladesh is the major problem in these areas. There are over 3 MILLION Muslim infiltrators in Tripura. In Manipur there are over 5 million!. One of these illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators is a minister in the Government ! He is in fact the chief organizer of the infiltration. Fake Identity cards are issued in these areas in less than 24 hours. Recently, the military raided a den and collected over 16,000 fake ration cards and 24,000 ID cards. This incredible number represents a minor part of the total which is estimated at 3,60,000.

In Agartala it was found that the border was not monitored at all. There was a military picket but it was inactive. The military personnel complained of political intervention from the Communist government. In Karim Ganj District of West Bengal there is regular terrorization of the Police by the CPM goons. In all these places the Muslims are in sufficient numbers to decide the election outcomes.

In the North, Gorakhpur is the most seriously affected area in Eastern U.P. On the Nepal U.P. border there are Madrasas or Muslim religious schools one for every Kilometer of the border for almost 800 Kms. These are all funded by the Gulf nations and are the hotbeds where future Muslim terrorists are trained in the art of Kafir killing and inculcated with the Koranic ideals of Jihad. Many of these trained Muslim terrorists then go over to infiltrate Kashmir and murder our Indian soldiers.

In Nepal the Chinese are active in propaganda and western third of the
country is almost out of Government control. The largest Mosque in the
country had been built right opposite the Pashupati Nath temple in Kathmandu with Saudi funds. One shudders to think how long before it too is desecrated and pillaged in the noble tradition of the Mughals and all other Islamic terrorists.

As it becomes increasingly apparent that India is in very grave and serious danger from Islamic terrorism and ideals today, the need of the hour is for organizations like Sanskritik Gaurav Sansthan. It is essential that the level of awareness in the common Hindu is raised so that Hindu society as a whole can realise the incredible dangers that 50 years of Congress rule and pseudo secular hypocrisy have created for India.

Organizations like Sanskritik Gaurav Sansthan need your words of
encouragement and whatever contribution you may want to make in the form of research, monetary assistance, etc. If you would like to communicate with or help this organization in its job of warning, analysing and informing nationalistic Indians all over the globe today, you can contact them at:

Sanskritik Gaurav Sansthan
DDA flat no.-316,Sector-A,
Packet-C Vasant Kunj, New Delhi- 110070 INDIA.
Phone: 011-91-11-6178992
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