The third important point is that even after Pakistan was disagraced in front of the International community, India did not hesitate to extend a hand of friendship to Pakistan by inviting Maj.Gen.Musharraf for talks. Even when the talks failed to settle the chronic issues, it proved India's strength in not bowing down to any pressure tactics.

Bharatiya Nagriks, we should feel proud that we are all part of a great nation known as Bharat that is full of strength and religious tolerance. Spiritual and cultural values laid down by our ancestors since Vedic times must now be protected by us. Let us all pay tribute to the great souls who have laid down their lives in protecting Dharma, and also to those who have fought for our freedom from invaders since past 2500 years !

As a preparation of our Independence-day celebrations, let us all unite as Bhartiyas and reaffirm our faith and trust in our Nationality and Dharma. As Bhagwad Gita says, Dharma alone will protect us. Let us commit ourselves to protect Dharma, culture and traditions of our Great Motherland BHARAT.

Jai Hind....Jai Jai Mataram, VandeMataram.
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