Pays Tribute to Bharatiya martyrs
We at pay our sincere tributes to all the 249 Bharatiya Jawans and defence personnel, who laid down their lives protecting our Motherland. We urge our readers also to join us and pray for those who died in action. May their soul rest in peace. May those injured in action recover physically and mentally. May the families of all these patriots have enough strength to overcome the pain and suffering which war brings.Let them know that we do care for them and appreciate their sacrifice.

Let us rememeber one thing.. The Kargil war has once again proven the undoubtable superiority that India has over Pakistan.So let it be clearly known to the world that although India is a peace-loving country, it will not hesitate to strike back if anyone tries to intrude into it, no matter how difficult the terrain.

The second point to note is that after the war was won by India, the International community has taken Pakistan to task. Any intention of gaining political advantage within the country or of gaining sympathy of the international community has back- fired on Pakistan.


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