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Hindu Astrology is a very powerful and accurate science.One of the most powerful tool created by us Indians is .....A Horoscope (Janam Patrika).Hindu Astrology is built on the position of the planets with relation to the Earth, Moon and the Sun.

For thousands of years, Indian Astrologers, conducted a disciplined research .They then correlated the planetary positions at the time and place of birth with the behaviour patterns of people and the events likely to occur in their lives.

Just as a mirror shows our reflection, similarly Astrology tries to forecast the positive as well as the negative aspects of individuals.The Hindu Astrology thus aims at protecting man from misfortunes and helps him make his life more creative and joyous.

However the best way to approach Astrology is to take it as a mere 'guideline' and not as an end in itself. We therefore urge our readers to take these predictions with a pinch of salt.A wise man would be sensible enough to continue his efforts in life and not get carried away by any of these predictions ( positive or negative).

The Indian Astrology, takes the lunar calendar (Moon cycle) as the basis for giving predictions of events in the lives of people.

In addition, ancient Hindu Astrologers found that the two shadow positions called "Rahu" and "Ketu" , certainly play an important role in the accuracy of predictions. With the addition of these factors, the predictions became even more accurate.

We hope you know your Moon sign. (It is referred as the "Ascending sign" in Western Astrology.) This will help us in providing you the overall characteristics of your sign. We wish to give you a note of caution here. Please understand that every person under a particular sign may not possess all the characteristics given under their raashi ( Moon sign). The experts of Indian Astrology quote an accuracy of about 50% to 60% for the characteristics given here.These are generalised and for a very large group of people. So there is a chance for inaccuracy.

We are keen to give you a more personalised , accurate and detailed prediction. We are striving to provide you this service at the earliest.

We shall announce the launching soon.