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Apte,Dattatray Vishnu (1881-1943)
Dattatray Vishnu Apte was born on March 13, 1881, in Hanagandi, in the former Sangli State, in a lower middle-class Chitpavan Brahmin family. His father was a State servant. He passed his B.A. in 1902 from Poona.

He was a favourite student of Wrangler R. P. Paranjape in the Fergusson College. He also came into close contact with men like B. G. Tilak, Dr. Bhandarkar, Dr. Gune, Prof. Haribhau Limaye and the historical research workers of he Bharat Itihas Sanshodhak Mandal, Poona. His association with Wrangler Paranjape and V. K. Rajwade, whom he regarded as his Guru, greatly influenced him. He made a deep study of books on Astrology, Astronomy, Mathematics and History.

Apte was a teacher in the Mudhol State High-School (1902-1903). In 1905, he joined the National School at Yawatmal (Berar) as an honorary teacher. From 1907 to 1909, he worked on the editorial board of Hari Kishor, a Marathi nationalist weekly. He then worked in Bombay for six months in the same capacity in the Marathi daily, Rashtra Mala, run by the followers of Tilak.

He went to Goa in 1910 and worked in the Almaid College for 4 years. Here, it is said, Apte and his friends, with a view to secretly collecting arms and ammunition, tried to

contact the officers of the Emden, a German ship which was cruising near Madras. But at the last moment, the youths lost courage as the C.I.D. had got wind of their plan. After this episode, Apte gave up these activities.

In 1915, he joined the two Marathi magazines, Chitramayajagat and Shalapatrak, conducted by the Chitrashala Press, Poona, but left this job in 1924. Thereafter, he devoted all his energies to historical studies and writings.

Apte was orthodox in his ideas. He was opposed to Western education and supported national education.

Though Apte worked for the national cause in his early life, he was primarily a historical research scholar who commanded great respect.

He led a very simple, quiet life. Among his principal publications may be mentioned: ‘Destanchi Shrirang pattamvar Mohim Athva Savashen Varshanpoorvincha Dakshin Hindustan’, Poona, 1921; ‘Sanshodhakenchi Choti Jantri’, Poona, 1921; ‘Maharashtra Itihasa Manjiri Athva Nivdak Aitihasik Utaro’, Poorvardha, Poona, 1923; ‘Birth Date of Shivaji’, Poona, 1927; ‘Aitihasik Dantkatha va Goshti’, Part I, 1936, Part II, 1942, Poona. He also edited 14 books and wrote prefaces to many.

Author : V.G.Hatalkar